and things of that nature.

i like to keep things brief and straight to the point. i finally found the right blog site to cater to my sporadic thoughts and things i like, poetry, and things of that nature.

oh, i keep it funky by typing in all lower-case letters.
~ Wednesday, April 16 ~
this is me.

this is me.

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~ Sunday, April 13 ~
… everybody on this earth is a robot. except for god.
— my 6-year old nephew just told me this.
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natural beginnings

her veil
her beauty
she cut
and hated it
because society taught her that it needed to mirror something, someone else
and she believed them
so she let go
yet still held on to a definition of beauty not designed for her
i want to tell her that she is her own
i do
try to remind her that when she cut it, she’d only highlighted the one thing i already loved
and that was her
i am hoping that she learns to love it while it’s still in the beginning stages
before it’s long and beautiful
i hope that she learns to become as defined as her curls
and that she never clenches her pride as tight as they’ll eventually coil

i just hope she becomes free

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~ Saturday, April 12 ~


mind’s too busy to write a poem my heart can agree with
i want to write everything down but things barely make sense
writer’s block?
could be that i’d tell too much truth and have to erase the memories they remind me of
like her
she’s my forget me not that i tend to think about more than i’d like to
shades of ugly i forgot exist
but once upon a long time ago they were beautiful
like autumn
but that’s a season that reminds me that beautiful things die, too
no matter how vibrant and bright
they wither and usher in winter’s cool
serving its purpose as it should


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~ Friday, April 11 ~

… i always dream/imagine god being black.

i hope i’m right.

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if you don’t remember actively wishing for a t-mobile sidekick you aren’t old enough for friendship w/ me 

… basically.

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~ Wednesday, April 9 ~


… every time i log online and read stories about “coming out” and read people’s opinion about anything pertaining to it, i become even more thankful. i am thankful never had to do that. i’m thankful my parents love me the same despite them not understanding everything. i’m thankful that the “acceptance” that society thinks people who identify as LGBT beg them for… i already had when i was born. thankful for the friends i have who even if they don’t “agree with the lifestyle” (to which, honestly, is always up for debate, but i digress). thankful i’ve never had to suffocate this one part of me. i’m blessed. i’m thankful.

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~ Saturday, March 8 ~


Janet, Laverne, and Isis at GLAAD

YAY! So perfect. They’re inspiring…and fabulous.

… beautiful.



Janet, Laverne, and Isis at GLAAD

YAY! So perfect. They’re inspiring…and fabulous.

… beautiful.

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~ Sunday, March 2 ~

… writing

just might save your life.